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Fort Peck Marina & Bar
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Fort Peck, MT 59223

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Get the Right Bait

Fishing is an art that requires great skill and patience. However, having the right bait would help. Fort Peck Marina & Bar in Fort Peck, MT offers a bait shop, on-site boat mechanic and camping spots for those interested in fishing. Fort Peck is a great location for fishing and Fort Peck Marina & Bar makes things even more convenient for you. Customers can fill up their boats with our gas pumps both on and off the water.

The Bait Shop Offers:

  • Live Bait Including Minnows, Leeches
    and Worms
  • Various Tackle Objects Including Lines, Lures, Hooks, Rods and More

Whether it’s for fishing in the sea or in a fresh water lake, the key to a good day at fishing is the bait that you carry. Having the right bait is dependent on many things like the fish, the water and the time of the year. At the bait shop in Fort Peck Marina & Bar, we know what works for the fish here and we have a stock of the bait with us in our shop. Visit Fort Peck Marina & Bar to have a fun time fishing out in the water