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Fort Peck Marina & Bar
15 SW Marina Rd.
Fort Peck, MT 59223

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A good bar has a good food to go with the drinks. At Fort Peck Marina & Bar, we have a menu with a wide choice of entrees, extras, salads, sides and appetizers. From burgers and finger steaks to queso sticks, we have something for everyone. In the drinks section, we have coffee, pop, beer and wine. We have a separate section for kids and those who want to consume smaller portions.

Fort Peck Marina & Bar has been in operation for more than 30 years in Fort Peck, MT. We cater to customers who come here for the restaurant and bar and those who come to take a sojourn on the water. Customers enjoy coming here because of the hometown feel we have. We also have a bait shop and boat docks. Visiting Fort Peck Marina & Bar is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Fort Peck. Why don’t you pay us a visit and discover the beauty of Fort Peck? 

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